Instant Pot Chickpeas

Instant Pot Chickpeas

We make these Instant Pot Chickpeas several times a month! Typically, we use them for homemade hummus, but also love them marinated or tossed on a salad.

Instant Pot Chickpeas are cheaper and much more flavorful than those you can buy in a can. Plus, they’re just so easy to make, there’s no reason to make an extra trip to the store!

For the beans, I buy them in bulk on Amazon. The Palouse brand is my favorite. You can store those in your pantry and grab a scoop when needed.

People often have two main questions about cooking beans: (1) Do you need to soak the beans before cooking?, and (2) When should you salt the beans?. Here are my answers: No, you do not need to soak the beans before cooking them in the Instant Pot. Some people soak the beans in order to speed up the cooking process, but that really isn’t necessary when they already cook in just 35 minutes in the IP. As for salting, I always salt beans after cooking, or near the very end of the cooking process. Have any other questions? Let me know! I’d love to help!

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Instant Pot Chickpeas


1 cup dried garbanzo beans, washed and picked over

6 cups water




  1. Place the beans in the inner pot of the Instant Pot and add water. Lock the lid into place. Press “Manual,” set pressure to “High,” and timer to 35 minutes. (It will take around 10 minutes for pressure to build. Then cooking will begin.)
  2. When the timer finishes, press “Cancel” or unplug the Instant Pot. Release steam manually, being careful of the hot steam. Remove the lid (again, being careful of the hot steam). Add salt and use as desired!
  3. Beans can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 days, or in the freezer (with some cooking liquid) for up to 3 months.

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